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I'm in the process of a career change from I-just-do-what-they-tell-me to Project Management. I recently learned about the CAPM exam and am hoping to take it within the next year. My biggest concern with this, however, is about tracking hours. I need 1500 project hours in order to qualify for the exam.

So what I'm wondering is:
*Does anybody track their hours?
*How do you do it?
*What counts as a "project hour"? (Is it only team projects, or can you count personal projects that you do on your own?)

Any and all advice on getting started on a career in project management would be more than appreciated right now.

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If you worked on a project, that counts towards the hours. If you worked at it 100% for 40 hours a week, just add up the weeks. If you worked on project-related items for maybe half of your job, adjust accordingly. Definitely don't worry about getting down to the 1 hour here, 3 hours here level...just figure out the correct percentage.
Personal projects do count if they meet the qualifications. For instance, I put on a weekend workshop camping event a few years ago that had about a dozen or so people attend. All that planning and execution counted towards my hours.

I haven't taken the CAPM, but I'm about to take the PMP next week. You will need educational hours (PDUs) for the exam, so look for a CAPM exam prep class. Part of that class will be telling you how to fill out your application. Good luck!
Okay, first of all...


Secondly, Thanks for the input and clarification. It looks like I'll either need 1500 hours of project work or the PMI approved hours. I don't think that I'll reach 1500 in the near future though (at 400 currently, and don't earn them particularly rapidly - my company is still slooowly adopting the culture). I wish there was a way to combine the two! But alas, that does not appear to be the case, so I'll have to find a way to afford an exam prep class.

Thanks again!
Oh, and good luck on the PMP exam!!!