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Theatre Experience?

I'm working on documenting my hours in preparation of (eventually) taking the CAPM exam, and realized that I might be able to actually make use of my college degree! I majored in Theatre and spent a fair amount of time doing shows. So since a theatre production is, essentially a project, do you think I'd be able to count these hours? It abides by the triple constraint rule (set time period, scope, and budget), and I've come to the conclusion that a Stage Manager is essentially a project I want to say yes; but before I go forward with it and count these 300+ hours in, I'd like to hear from people who've actually been in Project Management for a while.

Oh, and on a side note - yay PMI for offering student memberships! I'm a returning student right now, so I was thrilled to discover this option. I think that it'll be $40 well spent.

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