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PM@CH - The Swiss Project Management Journal

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About a year ago, I started to develop an idea to publish a journal. Not a blog, but really publish a high-quality paper publication about project management in Switzerland.

I published a call for volunteers to help me, and found 3 other people who were willing to donate their time to this idea. We put out a call for submissions, and had several project managers reply with interesting articles, and several more people who volunteered to review the articles.

Well, the progress has been slow, but interesting. The call for submissions went out in March, the articles were drafted in July, and the review process went on until September.

We found a publishing house who took care of contacting the advertisers, doing the graphics and layout, and will take care of the printing and production of the journal.

Last week, I receive the first proof version - the text has been laid out, the overall graphical look-and-feel have been defined, and our feedback has been given. Next week I'll receive the second draft.

It's kind of strange to see how my idea is quickly becoming a reality. By mid-December, I'll be holding the first edition of a new magazine in my hand: PM@CH The Swiss Project Management Journal. I sort of feel like a father who knows that his child is going to be born soon ... it is exciting yet at the same time somehow frightening.
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